Educational Trust & Missionary Training Centre

For Children of Pastor’s & Evangelists

In India there are many Pastors unable to meet their ends. In this situation the Pastor often cries, Lord we are suffering without food. We left our works and houses’, serving you in these interior villages it is our privilege, but why do our dear little children die of starvation, we can’t see our children suffering and dying without, clothes and education, please help us.

Just think for a while, can a pastor who is in this situation serve the Lord effectively? Whole heartedly? That’s why JESUS MISSION wants to start an educational to their children. So that we can wipe away the tears of pastors which flows by seeing tears of their own children.


Release the burden of Pastors and enable them to JESUS CHRIST preach Gospel effectively and whole heartedly.


After their secondary studies they will be given missionary training to become Missionaries.


To train them as leaders missionaries to continue their father’s ministry (Second line Leadership)


5 Acres of land for school and training centre and buildings