My personal Testmony :

My dear friend in Jesus Christ Loving greetings to you in the most wonderful name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST; I wish to share with you little bit about me & our ministry in Andhra Pradesh state in India.
I was born in 1983 and raised in an Orthodox poor Hindu family. They are lowest Cast in India called Harijana in Dalit community means untouchables. My name is Sudhakar, living in a small city called Eluru of Andhra Pradesh state, India. I believed in the Darwin’s theory of Evaluation. And it is enough to serve any god because all are one. In my early education I was good in studies. Gradually my knowledge was reduced to zero and I failed in all aspects. But I did not accept my defeat. I started my efforts in so many ways but in vain. One day I tried to commit suicide. But I recognized that one hidden power stopped me from that situation. After few days I came to know that the power was our beloved Lord Jesus Christ’s love. It was on 11th April 1999.
I first time went to church where my father had ministered. Our Lord Jesus Christ touched me deeply on that day. I repented for my past sins. In His Presence my heart filled with His peace. I was baptized on 3rd day November 2000. On Feb 23, 2003 God visited me with his Word from Daniel 12:3. Recognizing the God’s vision, I decided to bring the people, who are in sinful life, to the feet of our Lord. Evangelism and church planting is my vision and I am working among people in villages. Another time God visited me on October 2006.”I heard the voice of Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord spoke to me in early morning: My son Sudhakar why are you sleeping? Come on get up Light has come on you, Go and preach about my Light and Glory (to who are in dark life). The Lord anointed me with the Glory and Holy Spirit. Anointed me gifted me with spiritual gifts of healing, teaching the word of God with knowledge & a Gift of writing & singing Gospel songs with a sweet voice . Apostle Katuri Sudhakar was as a Christian Singer/Songwriter.
(I Corinthians 12:4-11). By his grace, at present in almost 17 villages church services are going on. In each village nearly 40-60 believes are there (II Corinthians 2:14-16). The church buildings were made by leaves of some trees temporarily. They has to be built permanently during this 12 years of ministry, I faced many problems, tears, insults & abuses. But the one who called me is trustable. So, I am stepping forward by looking at him with faith Oh! What a lovely God visited me, the unvalued person! (Isaiah 60:1).
Apostle Katuri Sudhakar was always hungering for more of God. In 2015 he came to Eluru city from his hometown Pathamupparu village, to pursue of JESUS CHRIST call. As soon as he arrived, he hunger for God increased. One day he encountered the power of God (witnessing deliverance, healing & receiving prophetic words).
“God has called you to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ. You are called to reach the nations and God will do many shocking miracles through you.”

Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Katuri Sudhakar

Flot No:10 E, Rajeevgruhakalpa Colony
Eluru – 534001
Andhra Pradesh state
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